Hiring a Salesforce Developer Guide

CRM’s like Salesforce create processes to help companies improve their customer service and retention. 

What does A Salesforce Developer do?

You can do most things inside Salesforce with out of the box configuration but developers can quickly and conveniently build and deploy solid, secure and scalable applications to the cloud without worrying about hardware provisioning or application stacks. Salesforce Developers can help automate your business processes, integrate your app with external applications, provide responsive layouts,  build lightning components and more.  

Salesforce developers can efficiently deploy their code via Github and the Salesforce platform can automatically build and run the application. This means that the Salesforce developer can use languages such as Ruby, Java, PHP and more, whichever is compatible with the platform they’re using. In short, the Salesforce platform allows for the coherent, fast-moving type of application development by compiling all the necessary tools within one secure package that developers can easily access. 

Hiring a Salesforce Developer

The demand for Salesforce Developers is incredibly high vs. the supply. There’s a software developer shortage in today’s market. This is because attaining certification in the Trailhead program is challenging and most developers opt for another specialty. However, this doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find. It’s just a matter of looking in the right places.

Referrals – You can start by looking at the closest places. Word of mouth goes a long way. 

Job Posting Sites – Stack Overflow, Indeed and LinkedIn jobs

Social Media Accounts – Social sites are incredibly useful in finding potential candidates. 

How to Find the most qualified Salesforce Developer

 Here are some of the basic skills a Salesforce Developer should be familiar with:

  • Force.com
  • Lightning App Builder 
  • Heroku
  • Apex language
  • Batch jobs 
  • Salesforce API 

On top of these, your candidate should also undergo a series of screening.

  • Technical Screening – The best way to find out their technical competencies is by conducting various technical exams to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Sites like HackerRank and CoderByte are some of the Coding Tests out there.
  • Resume Screening – Resumes are your first form of reference in evaluating potential employees. Depending on the application they’re applying for, you can check out the Salesforce certification the candidate has acquired. Salesforce developers are expected to have acquired either a Platform certification, B2C Commerce certification, or Marketing Cloud certification.
  • Personal Interview – Good communication skills are critical in projects and your candidate should have an excellent grasp of them. Not being able to explain their work clearly can slow down or even hinder the team’s development progress. An interview gives your candidate a chance to express opinions and showcase knowledge about essential topics.

Hire Salesforce Developers

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