01. Salesforce Planning & Analyze

Our analysis and planning team help clients to create a plan for the business to find success with Salesforce. We work with you so we can get a deeper understanding of where the business can be streamlined. Our team will help you build out an execution plan before starting a project with us.


02. Salesforce Design & Development

Salesforce architectural design is a fairly easy process of implementing, but we have to gather some basic business requirements. We schedule discovery sessions with your team to present a functional project inside of environment. Before we develop anything we always put requirements into 2 categories. 1. out of the box functionality 2. custom development, by understanding what is custom vs. standard features we can estimate hours for both areas of work.


03. Salesforce Implementation & Testing

Salesforce Implementation is the process of putting an action for the formulated plan. Before we implement, a plan should have been completed and our objectives should be clear. Testing each one of those actions formulated in the plan is said to be implementation testing. We use JIRA as an issue tracking system to build out User stories and do our development based our user stories.


04. Saleforce Maintenance

When you have Salesforce up and running, you might not need to hire someone dedicated to your company but occasionally just need help with random issues that come up. We have support plans at whatever level you are at. We have technical resources at every level: Administrators, Developers, Architects.

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