Salesforce Service Cloud

Service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is customer service software that helps to make customer support quick and efficient. Service Cloud can do much more, if set up, configured, customized and administered correctly. Our 10-year experience, as well as deep technical skills, help us do just that to deliver a smooth digital transformation of your customer service.


The list of Service Cloud key features:



With this feature, your customer support will conquer as many communication channels as you want. It can be web, email, phone, web or mobile Live Agent chats, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Sino Weibo), community sites, and even video chats. And besides bringing cases from all these channels into your Service Cloud, Omni-Channel intelligently routes them to appropriate agents based on complex pre-set conditions.

Case management

Case Management

Service Cloud Case Management covers the whole case lifecycle: creation, prioritization, assignment, escalation, reassignment, and closure. Moreover, you can specify parameters that should influence each of these stages, and Service Cloud will perform them automatically. For example, you want case priority and type to determine what agent gets assigned to the case, so Service Cloud analyzes this info and triggers the appropriate assignment mechanism.

Service console

Service Console

This is the ultimate personal work space for every agent. Service Console provides a very convenient view of each case. Apart from showing case state and history, it depicts customer and/or account information and enables agents to look for needed knowledge articles right in the case record.

Knowledge base

Knowledge Base

To empower your service agents to find needed answers and deal with cases faster, Service Cloud enables creating a comprehensive knowledge base for agents. And the ability to assess how useful each knowledge article is can make the base even more helpful provided that you improve the less useful articles accordingly.

Processes automation

Process and Routine Automation

Service Cloud offers process automation using workflows, approvals, macros, email templates, etc.


Service analytics

Service Analytics

Being available to both service agents and service managers, Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein provides insights into department and agent performance. You can see reports of different complexity.


Field service

Field Service

Sometimes, to solve a case, service agents need to cooperate with field workers. This is what Field Service allows doing. Service Cloud users can order field workers’ appointments, manage their schedules, track part or material consumption, and so on.

Sel-0service communities

Self-Service Communities

Service Cloud provides the possibility to create self-service communities. Using them, customers can access your knowledge base and find solutions by themselves. And to make the community experience even friendlier, you can add a chat to it for customers to conveniently ask agents for help, if they find none on their own.

Einstein bots

Einstein Bots

In some cases, your chats can be powered by Salesforce Einstein. This will free up some of your agents’ time and provide customers with answers to trivial questions about, say, an order status, flight details, etc. And only if your chat bot can’t help, it will transfer customers to the agents competent in the area of the customer’s problem.

App builder

App Builder

If you still lack something in all this Service Cloud functionality, you can order your own Salesforce customer service apps to be created using this feature.

And if you integrate your Service Cloud with Sales or Marketing Clouds, even more possibilities become available:

  • Thanks to your Sales Cloud data, agents will get a better picture of customers’ history with the company. In its turn, Service Cloud data will help your sales managers track how customer service affects customer retention.
  • With Service Cloud data, you can use Marketing Cloud to analyze how customer service affects your company’s brand image. And based on the data about the problems that customers experience with your product/service, you can tune your marketing campaigns and form new product or service packages.

Or you can integrate Service Cloud with other CRM and marketing tools to polish customers’ experience with your company

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