How your Salesforce staff can be better working from home


While each of us that work in tech certainly hopes that sickness won’t become a major health event in their part of the world, the reality is that businesses are already considering every contingency plan with a close eye towards avoiding serious disruption of their job.  

It’s important for you as a business to have options when we are facing potential health issues. I’ve heard people say that “we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket”, and rather in our case we should have a plan B for any situation that may affect our employee’s health, if we have sick employee’s we have a potential of delays in our businesses. Some tech giants like Amazon and Twitter in Washington state are letting some of their employees work remotely and restricting travel due to health concerns. While this situation is being handled as best as possible, businesses still have to stay open and employees still have bills to pay. Why not offer a remote option? We understand that security is important and each company should work with their IT dept or IT vendor to figure out what technology can be leveraged to help employees work offsite. 

In today’s world, even when there isn’t public panic, we need to implement a good mixture of onsite and offsite workers, a simple way to do that to ask ourselves what positions are easily transferable to do from home? Unfortunately, not all companies can do this but you should start somewhere, work culture is changing for the good for both employers and employees. 

In certain studies done, it’s shown that remote workers are happy employees as well, mainly due to work/life balance and the ability to have control over their schedule and a few other factors, here is the link to an article that supports this study  New Study Finds Remote Workers Happier and More Productive

Some companies have transitioned to having remote tech workers to limit the risk. Outsourced talent providers like Ayudamecan help you hire Salesforce professionals to work remotely and be productive for your Salesforce organization or just fill in the gap due to employees being out. Remote Administrators, Developers, Consultants follow the best practice of working for an extended period outside the physical office

When considering if a Salesforce employee or consultant needs to be in the office think of this, there are many tools out there that can help with the gap of onsite presence. 

Here are a few:

– Zoom meetings |Link|

– Nord VPN |Link|

– Slack Collaboration |Link|


Ayudame brings value to your business by:

– The natural social distancing of remote employees distributes downtime risk. 

– We are experts in managing & handling the best remote and onsite talent. 

– Our proprietary filtered database of incredible Salesforce talent both in the US & internationally (why limit yourself to only US talent?)

– The flexibility of engaging us in many capacities


Our database includes this type of Salesforce professionals: 

– Salesforce Administrators 

– Salesforce Developers  

– Salesforce Business Analysts  

– Salesforce Consultants

– Salesforce Project Managers

Let us know if we can help with your hiring needs.

We recommend reading some helpful tips from the CDC website, that talk about what businesses can do to limit any risk .

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